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Virgin Galactic is a company established by Richard Branson's Virgin Group to undertake the challenge of developing space tourism for everybody. It will own and operate privately built spaceships, modeled on the history-making SpaceShipOne craft. These spaceships will allow affordable sub-orbital space tourism for the first time in our history. Virgin Galactic’s purpose is to develop and operate the world’s first environmentally benign space launch system for people, payload and science. They will re-invest profits made to develop new and improved space flight technology that will reduce the cost and environmental impact of space exploration.


Sir Richard Branson and Gary Johnson, Mojave Desert, December 7, 2009

" I am honored to be part of a once in a lifetime, history making event.  It isn't every day that a guy gets to witness such a remarkable spaceship being rolled out.  I was witness to the next great step in aviation..."  Gary Johnson